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Democracyman Wants to show Americans How we can have a true Democracy
and fix America in 2 years.

In America we are lied to and told we have a democracy but it is really not.


No more electing people to repersent America because they dont.
We Americans would vote ourselves on our cell phones or
computers directly on every issue.

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I could really use your help.
If we can get America back on track I guarantee business will be booming for all.
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a 10.00 dollar donation and I will send you
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First off you have to realize your vote does not matter. It has never mattered. It can’t ever matter when they tell you which one of them you can vote for.
Take time off of work to go vote, keep voting for them and you won’t have a job to take off from.

Hi, My name is Rick Hawkes and I am going to change America.

 I need your help.
Your donations and some of your time. I don't want to be president. I just want to show Americans how we can all fix America by no longer Electing them to ruin it. NO ELECT DIRECT REP is simple idea. The only way we are going to fix America is by Americans using their cell phones and computers to vote on everything from our city, state and country. Do you really need any more proof that the system they make us use does not work. Ok let me help you understand this.  Your city, your state and your country are broke actually they are more than broke They have even been able to leave us with a deficit that they hope we can’t fix. Only we the tax payers are broke. They have great health care and are getting richer everyday as they continue to shut down America. We still need government and our government will be better than ever. Actually people who work for our government will love the new system. We will actually have money to keep Prisoner's in prison that should be there. At the present time the elected government has wasted the money we need to run our country and be the best country in the world like we used to be. Police departments will be able to hire policemen. Fire Departments will be able to hire firemen.


Everyone wants to argue whether the Republicans or the Democrats are worse for America. Key word is we all know they are both the worst for America. Without them we can be the Best for America.


Sad thing is That America would actually be better off if we had real elephants and donkeys running the United States.


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